John JellinekAn article from the New York Times¬†talks about the recent ongoing investigation of a Nascar race that was perhaps “tainted” by a couple of drivers. Nascar is looking into a particular team in the field that may have intentionally affected the race.

It is being reported that two drivers from one team may have knocked of cars purposely to help one of their teammates. The decision of Nascar should be heard early this week before the playoff event at Chicagoland Speedway. Coming from a former Nascar executive, “It would be bad for the sport if there was clear evidence that a race was somehow manipulated.” Nascar has and continues to be very serious on infractions of this nature; they won’t take anything lightly. Harsh penalties have been handed out in the past to make it clear that these matters will not be tolerated and to deter others from participating.

On the final laps of the race, it is believed that Clint Bowyer purposeful spun out to keep Ryan Newman from finishing first, which would have automatically kept his teammate Martin Truex Jr. from qualifying for the playoffs.

A lot of people are looking into this development and many are expecting there to be repercussions. As a sport, Nascar has a responsibility to get to the bottom of the incident and find the truth. From the looks of it, it seems preconceived and well planned.