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Top Gear’s Take on NASCAR vs. F1

It seems that there are pretty solid stances on which is best: Formula One versus NASCAR. Fans typically pick their choices and stick with them. It’s either “Formula One (F1) is boring,” or it is on the opposite spectrum of “NASCAR doesn’t require talent.” No matter the stance, conversation on the topic rarely goes further than that.

However, there are conversations had on the differences between the two and which is better that help take a deeper look into Formula One and Nascar. This article will focus on Top Gear’s take of the two.

First, it is important to recognize that both of the sports emerged around the same time. Emerging in the 1950s, it was ultimately the environments, the styles of tracks, and the differences in groups that shaped these sports into what they are today. Or in Top Gear’s words, “ It’s cheap versus elite. Hot dogs vs. hors d’oeuvres.”

In NASCAR, drivers push and force their way through the mass of cars; even though starting in the back have a chance to finish first. In Formula One, that is not the case.

In Formula One, drivers are allowed laptops and can fine-tune their cars on the go. Whereas telemetry is banned for NASCAR drivers, and once on the road, the only adjustment that can be made is the altitude.

NASCAR cars leave behind clean pockets which allow the rear driver to gain a few miles per hour while the front driver also gets an extra push. Meanwhile, the rear driver also has a car on their tale gaining and pushing those extra miles. On the other hand, Formula One drivers fight with the atmosphere leaving behind bad turbulence, a problem for any drivers who get to close.

Formula One fans are just as intense as their counterparts; however, NASCAR is backed by three major car chains: Chevy, Ford, and Toyota. Fans of this sport can purchase cars similar to their favorite racer. In fact, there is an old saying to back it, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.”

Formula One requires more effort and brainpower that ultimately subtracts from the display of it all, while NASCAR puts on a good show with a little less work. When everything is all said and done, whether Formula One or NASCAR is the better sport all comes down to a matter of preference.

Motorsport Gear for Beginners

Motorcycle gear is crucial for all motorsport and motorcycle riders, even experts. Gear can help in all conditions, from wind to rain and hot to cold temperatures. More importantly, however, motorsport gear keeps riders safe. According to NHTSA data, motorcycling is 33x more dangerous than driving a car. But at this point, all motorists should be aware of the danger. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride. It merely means be smart and be safe.


Arguably the most important aspect of motorcycle gear is the helmet. While some states do not have any laws on helmets, it is still extremely crucial for safety that every rider wears one. Outside of protecting your face and head from accidents, helmets also protect your eyes from wind, your face from bugs, and newer helmets come with Bluetooth. What’s more, a study published by Dietmar Otte shows that nearly half of all impacts of motorcycle helmets occur around the face, a fact that strongly encourages using a full face helmet. However, many helmets come with full-face lids (the safest option for any open face design) for those who’d like to feel the wind in their face at times.

Try these high-quality helmets to ensure that you are fully protected when on the go.

  • -HJC CL-17 Full Face Helmet
  • -Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet
  • -Scorpion EXO-00 Solid Full Face Helmet


The second most popular piece of gear, the jacket, protects the arms and torso. It also provides warmth on colder rides. While fashion leather and jackets could offer the same warmth, they aren’t designed to withstand wind or crashes like motorcycles jackets are. To be sure you have found a legit motorcycle jacket, look for its CE safety rating. Motorcycle jackets are all made different, so double check the make of each jacket to ensure it is best for your bike and riding style.

As with all gear bought to keep you safe, it is best not to cut costs. For those looking for more affordable jackets, stick to textile materials. Here are a few top-rated jackets to get started:

  • -Icon Textile Jacket with full D30 Armor
  • -Speed and Strength Stars and Stripes
  • -ScorpionExo 1909 Leather Jacket


While these aren’t as popular as prior listed gear, motorcycle boots are great support for the ankle and are sure to stay on the foot in any case of a crash. Those looking to save money here can check in their closets. High top sneakers won’t provide support, but any steel toe work boots or sturdy hiking boots could do the trick.

Check out these high-rated motorcycle boots:

  • -Sedici Ultimo Race Boots
  • -Forma Adventure Low Boots
  • -Rothco 8” GI Type Jungle Boots