John JellinekDario Franchitti, a three time Indianapolis 500 winner, was involved in a last lap crash that also impacted 13 spectators at the Grand Prix of Houston according to the New York Times. Franchitti suffered a broken back among other injuries while the other spectators were injured by flying debris from the wreck.

According to the article, “Franchitti’s car collided with Takuma Sato’s car and launched into a steel catch fence. Parts of his car, and the shredded catch fence, flew into a spectator area. Debris scattered on the track also hit E. J. Viso’s car, which careened into Sato’s. Several cars driving through the mess were also damaged.”

Franchitti’s was taken to a hospital in Houston where it has been stated that his injuries are not life threatening. He is being treated for a concussion, two spinal fractures and a right ankle fracture. The spectators who were hit by flying debris from the crash were not reported.

It is amazing that there aren’t more nascar crashes. Sometimes I am so surprised that some races don’t have any at all. These race car drivers push themselves and their vehicles to the limit. The speeds that they reach and the amount of maneuverability they have is remarkable. I’m glad to see Dario Franchitti will be ok after such a hard crash. I’m also glad no one spectating was seriously injured as well. Nascar is a dangerous sport and I give these guys a lot of credit for competing at such a high level.